Western Liberal Elites Have Made an Iranian Bomb a Reality

If you want to know the scope of the illusions of  Western liberal elites, you should read the fascinating editorial published in the Guardian on October 22, 2003. It shows the willingness of these elites to disregard the cruel facts, the radical agenda, and the apocalyptic ambitions of the Iranian regime.

Six years ago, the regime in Tehran executed the same policies, and was driven by the same ideology, as today. And the same Western political elites tried everything in their power to distort the perception of their counterparts in Tehran in order to avoid the harsh truth: the mullahs want to crown Imam Khomeini’s Islamic Revolution with a nuclear weapon.

The Guardian wrote that day:

Iran's agreement to allow unlimited UN inspections of its nuclear facilities and to suspend its uranium enrichment programme marks a tremendous success for European diplomacy. It shows just what can be achieved when the European powers work together, rather than in opposition.

At the time, it was as clear, as it is now, that the three European ministers involved lied to themselves and to us. On their flight back, they knew that the surprising agreement they took home wasn’t even worth the paper it was printed on, but it was better to pretend that the mullahs were guys like them rather than accept the stubborn reality that some value systems and some concepts of human dignity are incompatible.

So in spite of all the facts, trends, and signs, the Guardian wrote:

Britain's Jack Straw, France's Dominique de Villepin and Germany's Joschka Fischer have good reason to be pleased with their day's work. Anxious perhaps not to tweak American noses, Mr Straw played down the significance of the achievement. He should not be so modest.

This policy of delusion -- talk to the mullahs, threaten them with boycotts, accept their regime as a legitimate expression of Iran’s popular will, but never threaten, let alone use, "hard power" -- was continued without a single gesture of goodwill from Tehran.

The hardcore establishment of the Islamic Republic only feels revulsion for the decadent and infidel Western diplomats who come begging for some cooperation. The mullahs know that the Western media and the political organizations to which these politicians belong will never allow the threat of a violent confrontation over Iran’s nuclear program, so year after year they smilingly welcomed these straw puppets and enjoyed themselves, using the simple tricks they practiced to gain precious time.

After years of delusional European diplomacy, the Iranian nuclear project has spread to hundreds of locations. It is undeniably a majestic operation, Iran’s most impressive achievement in modern history. The mullahs succeeded in creating the conditions for the construction of a nuclear bomb -- and by controlling Hezbollah and Hamas, they forced the Israelis into passivity.