Well, So Much for 'Recovery Summer'

Well, the final jobs numbers before the election in 26 days are in and they are, well, grim. Grim for the country, grim for the jobless, grim for the president, and very, very grim for Democrats leading into the election. Indeed, today’s news brings that John Dingell is showing well behind the challenger in that tax and spend utopia of Michigan; think things aren’t related?

The economy lost (lost!! in this summer of recovery that wasn’t) 95,000 jobs in September. The private sector gained only 64,000 jobs during the month while the public sector gave up 159,000 jobs as the temporary census workers program (that generated much of the well-publicized jobs recovery during the springtime) came to an end and state and local governments also faced the reality of continuing dwindling revenues and didn’t hire the numbers of teachers and assistants for this year’s opening of schools.

Of course, the usual corrections statements came as well, with both July and August giving up more jobs than originally thought! OK, how’s that hope, change, and stimulus working out?