Welcome to the Mainstream, Mr. Furious

Speaker of the House John Boehner and Majority Leader Eric Cantor announced in a joint statement that a full House vote on the contempt charge will be scheduled for next week.

The developments must have shocked NBC News viewers, who would have had to find out about the story on another network. NBC finally mentioned Fast and Furious for the first time in passing last week, and refused to mention it yesterday despite it being the most newsworthy political story of the day.

MSNBC, the New York Times, the Washington Post and other left-leaning news organizations have tried to minimize the scandal as much as possible, claiming it was "botched" instead of an operation designed to require Mexican fatalities. These and similar news media sought to provide Holder with political cover by noting how many times he's appeared before the Oversight committee, while avoiding mentioning that he never provided the documentation Congress requested. Also neglected: the fact that Holder refused to fire a single soul involved.

Fast and Furious is the most deadly scandal in U.S. presidential history, a plot and on-going coverup that dwarfs Watergate in both scope and depth of criminality.

Fast and Furious is also the most damning media scandal in American history, with the overwhelming majority of research and investigation into the plot coming not from Pulitzer-equipped investigative reporters backed by powerful media stalwarts, but from bloggers like Mike Vanderboegh and David Codrea, and new media reporters like Mary Chastain, Katie Pavlich, and Matthew Boyle, the latter group representing companies that just erupted into existence.

It's a brave new world where powerful political and media interests face a siege from what one well-known online pundit had the foresight to call "an Army of Davids" set out to slay the mainstream media/Democratic Party Goliath.

Fast and Furious has gone mainstream in a big way despite the best efforts of the gatekeepers to protect the attorney general and president, the two individuals many believe to be at the core of both the plot and the coverup.

Game on.

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