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You can stretch this adverb pretty far. Obama knows the economy is America's chief concern. People want to get back to work. They want stocks to rise. They want credit to flow. None of this has much of a connection with education, energy, or health care, except when you use a limitless elastic concept like "ultimately" or "finally" or "at the end of the day." Like a car salesman who argues that spending extra money on a precious, invisible, perhaps mythical undercoating is ultimately the key to your car retaining its value over the years, Obama will use the economy to upsell you on hundreds of billions of dollars of new spending.

Hard choices. Tough decisions. Sacrifices

Obama loves to talk about how nothing will be easy. It makes him seem like a serious, thoughtful person. Especially when he says it in that rich, resonant voice. The kind of voice that plays God in whimsical comedy fantasy movies, or tells you at the end of the drug commercial, "Ask your doctor." But he won't actually call for the average person to give up anything. The hard choices, in the end, amount to things like: Should we get everything we ever wanted tomorrow or grit our teeth, bear down, and wait till the day after tomorrow?

Responsibility. Accountability

These concepts will be applied exclusively to corporate America and those shadowy individuals in the top five percent who knocked the country off course through over leveraging, thanks to artificially low interest rates and profiting from Ponzi schemes and the greater fool theory. They don't apply to the government, which is doing all of the same things on a much larger scale and continues not to worry about the biggest Ponzi scheme ever created: Social Security.