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Weinergate: Two more coincidences?

Ace rounds up all of the Weinergate coincidences, to which I'll add another two: It was just a coincidence that Rep. Anthoyn Weiner had spent much of Friday on twitter (where he could tweet publicly as well as direct message, of course) laying in wait for a supposed Clarence Thomas docu-dump; and it was a coincidence that Weiner happened to see the allegedly criminal tweet, and was able to delete the tweet in question within minutes of it going off into the wild, even though he allegedly had nothing to do with sending that tweet in the first place. He's a regular Twitter Batman.

All just a stack of coincidences, to go along with the tweetee being one of just 91 people he followed, who had happened to tweet that he was her "boyfriend," and he had just happened to do a time-shout to the city she just happened to live in and which is about 3,000 miles from his district. And it's surely a coincidence that Weiner DM'd a porn star too. Hot diggety dog, but that's a lot of very plausible and believable coincidences.

Or, Tony was multi-tasking on twitter as an impatient young man might, tweeting politics in public and something else in private, accidentally used @ when he should have used d, and then tried the "Hacked!" as a cover story.Very simple story, or hideously complex story. Which one makes more sense?

If you're Huma Abedin, you'd at least ask about the DM to the porn star, no?