Weiner Name, Weiner Picture. Where's My Check?

When news of Weinergate broke even the New York Congressman's friend, Jon Stewart couldn't help himself. "As a comedian this is a slam dunk: Weiner name, wiener picture. Where's my check."

But this Olympic moment for comedic gold medalists can't last forever. Rep. Anthony Weiner's press conference can't be the last chapter. Yet, in the spirit of Churchill, it might be the end of the beginning.

The next chapter might be an all-out political brawl for Weiner's seat -- whether or not he ever steps down. As the National Journal reports:

Weiner's district, spanning mostly white neighborhoods in Queens and Brooklyn, trended more Republican than any other district in the country from the 2000 to the 2008 presidential election.

So that's why this is more than just a joke. There are serious political forces ready to fight. Weiner's seat is in play. Write your own punch line.