Weiner and sexual politics

It’s good to see Andrew Klavan back at PJM. His first column began about NY Congressman Weiner, and took a turn into gender issues, a topic dear to me.

As an ex-Californian and recovering liberal, I know whereof he speaks. The one ameliorating circumstance in this case may be that Weiner’s a socialist dick-tater (couldn't help it, the pun just kind of happened; maybe my PC was hacked). So, he likely spends most of his time with females of similar political slant (is that another pun?)

Nearly all the women I met in CA were good fits (hacked again) for sexual aggressors like Weiner. They find being over-powered sexy, which balances out their "I am woman, hear me roar" rhetoric. For all their protestations of independence, they really wanted a man dominating them, which is why they screamed NOW slogans so long and loud. To paraphrase Shakespeare: The lady doth protest too much, methinks. But like I said, my experience was predominantly with left-leaning people in the coastal communities.

My now-wife took me shooting for a date. I loved it and was hooked. She recommends that if women want to meet men – as opposed to the dishrags hanging out at the chic parties, wearing urban camo black, talking about their feelings and searching for their inner fem – they should take up shooting sports.

As Andrew said, we just want a woman to love us. The challenge is, you can’t love somebody unless you love yourself. Real women live it, they don’t have to talk about it.