We Shouldn’t Be Surprised at Planned Parenthood’s Callous Inhumanity

Modern defenders of the organization will argue that such ideas are part of its past, not its present, but that has always been belied both by its continuing strident defense of abortion right up until the moment of birth as well as the cavalier view of the unborn on disgusting display in the recent video. And while it has in recent years had black leaders (a modern version of the “colored ministers”?), the disparate impact of its untender ministrations on the black community is undeniable.

Many of Planned Parenthood’s “clinics” are in the heart of the black community, and it is estimated that a black woman is five times as likely to undergo an abortion as a white one. Almost 2000 unborn blacks die in this country every day, with an estimated total of thirteen million wiped out since the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision legalizing abortion in 1973. That’s thirteen million members of the black community who never had a chance to make a contribution to society, and the number is over twice as many as Jews “scientifically” murdered by the Third Reich.

Somewhere, Margaret Sanger is smiling.

What the organization is doing may or not be legal, but to many millions in this country, it is clearly immoral. In fact, in a poll earlier this year, the vast majority of Americans, even those who self-identify as “pro-choice,” favor restrictions on abortion. Fewer than ten percent agree with Planned Parenthood’s extreme position of no restrictions whatsover. Those who agree with the organization are entitled to donate their own funds, but this new ongoing holocaust should no longer be subsidized by the taxpayer.