We 'Lazy' and 'Soft' Americans Don't Deserve Obama

And that's not the only time we let Obama down. Remember when he passed ObamaCare? There was Obama, making sure we'd all finally get health coverage and be taken care of when our morbid obesity caught up with us instead of letting us die in the streets like we probably deserve. But what did we do? We ran whining to the Supreme Court, "That mean man is trying to force us to buy health insurance!" He tried to help us -- tried to preserve our very lives -- and we're taking him to court because we just don’t like having to do stuff.

So let's face it: We suck. And while we're so worried about how the miserable state of the country affects us, none of us ever worries about what it's doing to Obama. Our horrible economy is making him look like an idiot. Foreign leaders have to be snickering at him behind his back at how badly America is doing, but it's not his fault. He's actually done a great job, but we're the ones who are constantly failing him. Is that fair? It's like if Tom Landry were saddled with a bunch of out of shape, unmotivated slobs and expected to make them a winning football team. People would make fun of Landry for coaching such terrible players, he'd constantly be yelling at the useless lumps he's fruitlessly trying to turn into a winning team, and it would be frustrating and pointless for everyone involved.

Is that what we want for ourselves and Obama? Though Obama has slipped and insinuated it a few times, he's just too concerned about our feelings to come out and say what's now quite obvious: We're a waste of his time. Plus I know I can't take it anymore seeing the disappointment in his eyes every time he looks at us after the new jobs numbers come out. It's unfair to keep him as our president only to make him watch us fail while tarnishing him in the process. In 2012, we really should just go with some dumb "me want cut taxes" Republican -- we deserve no better -- and let Obama go on to bigger and better things.