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Iran’s Supreme Leader: ‘We Have Won on the Nuclear Front’

In a recent meeting that took place between Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei and a group of his top-ranking military commanders, the nuclear matter was a focal point (Farsi link here).

The supreme leader commented on the fact that the (Western) oppressors have employed all of their political, propaganda, and economic might in forcing the Islamic Republic to abandon its nuclear pursuits. Then, he said:

And now, after eight years of pressure, the Islamic Iran has won out.

The Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) reported that, in another part of his commentary, Khamenei discussed the shifts that have been occurring in several of the countries in the region:

The welcome developments that have started taking place in our region are as a result of Iran’s resistance and in the future there will be many more shifts in the region.

Khamenei pointed out that the victory of the Islamic revolution is an example of the resistance of Iranians who stood up to difficulties and pressures, which became a movement that was accompanied by impetus and pride. On this matter, he added:

Almost all analysts around the world are noting that that movements currently sweeping through the Middle East and North Africa are as a result of the Iranian people’s revolution.