'We Are Anonymous, We Are Legion'

Recently they announced that they will "erase Wall St. from the Internet" on October 10th in support of the Occupy Wall Street movement. It isn't clear what they actually intend to do. Attacking the web pages of NYSE will barely register to most traders that day so that doesn't seem chaotic or destructive enough for the Anonymous collective. Since they promise that this will be a day that will "never, ever be forgotten," some fear they have found a way to actually interfere with trading and could thus force the markets in this country to close indefinitely, grinding our economy to a halt.

But this speculation on their next attack has caused people to overlook another Anonymous threat issued just days before. In a video called "The Bankers are the Problem," Anonymous spends a little over eight minutes making the case for violence against bankers and the mass murder of Wall Street workers:

In the video you'll notice that the speaker disparages the idea of freedom, which should surprise some of Anonymous' more rabid fans. But what I found most chilling were the frequent allusions to homicidal mob violence being divinely inspired.

What divinity inspires mobs to lynch unarmed people?

Anonymous claims to be fighting for some sort of larger cause. But what is it? Advocating murder will solve what problem? And what will happen if Anonymous follows through on its threat and does give us a day we'll "never, ever forget" on October 10th? If Anonymous gets rid of those pesky bankers and financial services, what will happen to the thousands of trucks that bring food and water into New York City? What will the allies of Anonymous do if the group manages to collapse our economy? Forage for food in lower Manhattan?

Anonymous helped organize the Wall Street Occupation movement, encouraged hundreds of people who can barely care for themselves now to congregate in New York, and now wants to create a catastrophe there that members hope will cause untold chaos. This is not so much a protest as a plot to murder those people. The aftermath of a successful takedown of the markets by Anonymous will not look like the glorious revolution these protesters are imagining; it will be akin to a zombie apocalypse as panicked city dwellers find the intricate web of services that keep them alive disappearing with the malicious keystrokes of people watching and laughing from hundreds of miles away.

What exactly is the point of trying to cause this sort of chaos while their supposed allies -- the people who will be blamed by the public -- are there? Anonymous could have launched this attack before or after Occupy Wall Street. But then there would be less possibility of people getting hurt.

Anonymous recently took down Mexican government sites because they wanted to "make the government tremble." Anonymous had little to say about Mexican cartels murdering bloggers. Anonymous is planning attacks on Facebook because of the website's privacy polices, but as of yet Anonymous hasn't attacked Backpage.com, a hotbed of human sex trafficking. There's a pattern to the activities of Anonymous if people are willing to see it.

Anonymous is Legion, perhaps not in the literal sense, but in a cosmic sense. These individuals coalesced into one entity which has no physical form and exists only to inflict pain on others. No matter how lofty they claim their goals are, the reality is that everything they do is designed to harm others and they are no longer content with "virtual" harm. They are calling for violence, they are planning terror attacks. They are committed to doing evil in its most basic sense.