We Are All Homosexual Black Jews Now

Again, the rest is commentary.

Look at the omnipresent demonization that occurs in every statist society. To institute control is to imply that some people are not behaving properly, and thus need to be controlled. This doesn’t require starting out with malevolent descriptions of the folks who need to be controlled -- the Progressive statists are generally convinced they are seizing your property and liberty because they are wiser and can produce a better outcome with it -- but it always ends with the demonization of the supposed malevolent bloc of citizens. Because the statist plans fail. So they need to pick a scapegoat to explain away the failure, and to prescribe a more “efficient” dose of statism. In our example, Ogh picked the farmers; most of humanity -- for ease of historical records, most likely -- went with the Jews or the blacks or the gays.

And then they gave the statism another go, and the society eventually collapsed.

The society catered to an irrational idea, and it fell. But the scapegoated folks who catered to the irrational fear of them? If any of them attempted to apologize, to go along to get along -- they lost, too. One could stay closeted, or meet the statist halfway; it didn’t alter the eventual demise.

Appeasement fails in economics -- all these companies that believe they can work with Obama, that think they can survive infringement upon their livelihoods by simply getting on the statist's good side, they are still at Day One on the road to ruin. Similarly, scapegoats who think that a strategy of outreach, compromise, and catering to bigoted fears can somehow result in the desired outcome of a proper understanding of your humanity -- well, ask the gays and the Jews how well the “closeting” tactic works.

You cannot cater to someone’s false caricature of your belief system or behavior in hopes that the bearer of the falsehoods will take a liking to you. Instead, he will believe himself validated -- you really are the amoral player he thought you were -- or, if a thug, he will smell blood.

Yet the bullied continue with the outreach, again and again, and I haven’t slept well in years.