Obama: The View From the Middle East

It's finally over. The campaign has been long, even for those following it overseas in the Middle East. For Israelis like myself, it means no more viral emails proving, beyond a doubt, for sure, I was there (!) that Obama really and truly is a practicing Muslim actively linked to terrorist agendas.

And no more Facebook friends taking on the name "Hussein" as a counter to the Muslim claims.

No more hyped, speculative Web stories about how Obama will be terrible for Israel, terrible for the Middle East, great for the Arab world, terrible for the economy, good for the economy, or great for the environment.

He's in. Change has indeed come to America and to the rest of the world and in the Mideast. It's a done deal.

In Israel, where the vested interest in American interests is integrally linked, television sets blared Obama's victory speech live and in stereo all morning, instant messages flew, and bloggers took to their screens.

We are one nation in this case as we eagerly eye "Mr. O." from the Mediterranean, nervously awaiting foreign policy moves from America's 44th president.

"May He Bring Better Times" Tel Aviv-based Israeli lawyer-blogger East Med Sea Peace headlines, admitting that he isn't really sure what Obama plans to achieve but that he has high hopes.

Gila, a Jerusalem suicide bombing survivor, admits in her My Shrapnel posting that she isn't impressed with Obama and wouldn't have voted for him were she in the U.S.

I distrust his lack of experience. I distrust his lack of voting record. I distrust his collection of questionable associations. I distrust his proposed economic policies. I distrust his lack of foreign policy experience ... "