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Washington Post Goes Full Bigot

Most have been with the paper for decades. All are creatures of the Beltway, living inside the cocoon of  Washington, D.C., itself or in its wealthy suburbs, which are the richest in the nation. Hiatt himself lives in Chevy Chase, where the median family income is more than $200,000 per year, and the average home price is $855,000.

The Post editorial board is insular, isolated, and lock-step liberal in belief.

It is because of this narrow-minded elitist and conformist mindset that it could never cross the minds of the Post editorial board to consider that the dozens of congressional representatives and senators have a valid basis for doubting Ambassador Rice's refusal to give a straight answer about the Benghazi attacks, wherein President Obama abandoned more than two dozen Americans under fire and denied cross-border authority to 100-plus Recon Marines attempting a rescue.

Because of this lock-step conformity, it would never cross their minds to question the motives of the Congressional Black Caucus, a relic of a bygone era that exists now only to seek and find Jim Crow and Bull Connor behind every thought and challenge to liberal orthodoxy. The CBC declares the presence of  racism yet again; who are the editors of the Post to question them?

James Taranto notes:

During Obama's first term, the demonization of the "white male" was common among left-liberal commentators, especially MSNBC types. The Post has now lent its considerably more mainstream institutional voice to this form of bigotry.

The more likely truth is that the Post has always been filled with bigotry against the world outside their petri dish. They've just never felt as comfortable as displaying it as they do now, after the re-election of the post-partisan, post-racial president.


image courtesy shutterstock / Nagy-Bagoly Arpad