Washington Post Columnist Tars Israelis, Jews as Racists

And King continues:

In an interview with USA Today…Clyburn called Netanyahu’s White House end run “a real in-your-face slap at the president, and black folks know it. . . . [Netanyahu] wouldn’t have done it to any other president.” Pressed as to why Netanyahu would disrespect Obama, Clyburn responded, “You know why.”

In case there’s any doubt whether King endorses the charge, he says: “Clyburn’s ‘and black folks know it’ speaks volumes.”

And he continues:

There is a larger concern. While the jury is still out, the argument over the Iran deal could well stress the long-standing and largely fruitful political alliance between blacks and Jews in this country…. And it would be a sorrow to those of us who still look with favor upon an alliance that has stood the test in the hardest of times.

Does such a thing as a black-Jewish alliance still exist? In any case, it's beside the point. It isn’t a mind-twister to note the things that are wrong with King's words. But they need to be noted.

First of all, to allege that Netanyahu’s opposition to Obama’s Iran policy has anything to do with Obama’s being black is a pure and simple slur without a grain of substantiation.

Second, all of the real and imagined offenses against Obama that King cites in the article are by Israelis.

Another distinction: even if Israelis, as a whole, are terrible—something the article does not precisely prove—Israelis and American Jews are not the same. They’re two separate groups of people. Even if all Israelis were racists, it wouldn’t mean American Jews were racists. But for Colbert King it’s all the same.

His article, in other words, is nothing but a crude attack that starts by saying opposition to the Iran nuke deal is valid, and ends by saying all opposition to it—that is, by Jews, whether Israeli or American—is racist.

Even taking into account that King is a veteran columnist, it’s too bad the Washington Post prints this offensive tripe.