Was Mark Schauer Jennifer Granholm’s Lap Dog During Michigan’s 'Decade From Hell'?

Granholm got very low marks for her job performance, but people liked her as a person. She could work a crowd like nobody’s business, and when it came to one-on-one time with people in the audience or on the street nobody was better than Granholm.

She was so warm and fuzzy she could melt ice, raise your taxes and make you feel good about it. Snyder, on the other hand, is the tough nerd that nobody hates – well, at least most people don’t hate him, but very few really love him.

So maybe it should not come as a surprise that Schauer is going to share the stage with Granholm — described as his “Lost Decade Mentor” by the Michigan GOP — at a Democratic Governors Association fundraising reception Sept. 20 in West Palm Beach, Fla.

This anything but odd political couple is described as “special guests” in the invitation being passed around by the Michigan Republican Party.

“Schauer is obviously too embarrassed to showcase his Lost Decade donors and beliefs here in Michigan, so he’d rather carry on with his two-faced agenda behind our back, thousands of miles away,” said Bobby Schostak, the chairman of the Michigan Republican Party. “We’ve been fixing the failures of Schauer and Granholm for the last four years.”

Michigan Democrats are hitting back with the traveling Rick Snyder chair.

Democrats, students and senior citizens went on the road Aug. 20, with a giant, inflatable chair, telling Snyder to “stop wasting millions of dollars on fancy lounges, cushy chairs and other unneeded state office furniture and instead fund schools and repeal the Snyder retiree tax,” according to a Michigan Democratic Party press release.

Democrats have been hammering away at this issue in Michigan: a $41 million state contract benefitting Snyder’s cousin’s furniture business amid new disclosures that the state is spending tens of thousands of dollars to buy new furniture for legislators and to outfit lounges for a top Snyder administrator and other administration officials.

Party officials said the inflatable chair symbolizes the $41 million spent on state office furniture.

"The governor’s cousin’s $41 million contract, new chairs for legislators and upgrading lounges for top Snyder officials should not be a priority over Michigan’s seniors and students," said Lon Johnson, chairman of the Michigan Democratic Party. "We don’t think so and today we are taking that message to citizens across Michigan.”