Penn State vs. Gunwalker: Warped Priorities?

Undoubtedly, the majority of those killed by the guns supplied to the drug cartels by our Departments of Justice and Homeland Security were likely members of other cartels. But the dead include family members of law enforcement officers and public officials. The murdered include sons and daughters, fathers and mothers, many of them who were nothing more than innocent bystanders in a country besotted by corruption and violent crime that our government has enabled, encouraged, and expanded.

Weapons that government officials would like to see banned in our nation were allegedly ordered by FBI informants, paid for by stimulus dollars, and shipped to violent narcotics smugglers under the watchful eye of federal law enforcement officers -- who were forced to follow specific orders from their supervisors not to intervene or interdict the weapons as they disappeared over the border.

The anger and rage of federal agents abetting the smuggling finally boiled past the tipping point when a U.S. Border Patrol agent was murdered last December. Two of the weapons recovered from the firefight were linked to Operation Fast and Furious.

Where is the media firestorm aimed at the government officials that concocted and executed a scheme that armed this nation's enemies? Why are the attorney general, secretary of Homeland Security, and White House under no pressure to provide accountability for the crime of smuggling thousands of weapons to criminals?

Further, where is the outrage against these same government officials who have threatened and fired whistleblowers, and who have protected those complicit in the cover-up?

The same media and public that caused Paterno and McQueary to be fired cannot seem to raise the same level of indignation against those political appointees and law enforcement officers that knew they were enabling murderers.

Are we so morally bankrupt and ideologically blind that hundreds of murders committed in the biggest political scandal in American history are met with nothing more than a collective shrug?

Are Attorney General Eric Holder, Secretary Janet Napolitano, and President Barack Obama going to be absolved of the moral and criminal responsibility of Operation Fast and Furious, merely because they share common political cause with so many members of the media on other issues?

It appears that at the New York Times, the Washington Post, Associated Press, and network news programs, such cold and impersonal political considerations have been made.

In these cesspools, "morality" is as dead as the next Mexican victim ripped apart by a gun given to a cold-blooded cartel murderer.

Obvious lies  of "I didn't know" and "I'm not accountable" cannot be excused at Penn State. They cannot be enough at 1600 Pennsylvania, either.