(WARNING: GRAPHIC) ISIS Releases Pictures of Carrying Out Koranic Death Sentences

MEMRI.org posted the following series of pictures and text earlier today (subscription required, shared here with permission):

On January 15, 2015, the Islamic State (ISIS) released a collection of images showing the enforcement of the hudud (Koranic punishment) in Ninawa, Iraq. The images show the execution of two men convicted of homosexuality by throwing them from a tall building; the crucifixion of two men convicted of armed theft; and the stoning of a woman convicted of adultery.

This is the second confirmed case of ISIS executing gay men by throwing them off a tall building. In December 2014, ISIS executed a homosexual in a similar way.[1]


"Muslims gather to witness the execution of the hudud"


"First homosexual being pushed off a building rooftop"


"Second homosexual thrown off a building"


Second man plunging to his death (body of the first man thrown is visible on the ground)


The two dead men


Two thieves awaiting their execution


The thieves shot from behind while being crucified


Reading the sentencing of the woman prior to stoning


ISIS men stoning the woman to death