War powers for me but not for thee

Yeah, the Obambis are pretty much going to ignore the War Powers Act:

Rep. Brad Sherman (D-CA), who asked Clinton about the War Powers Act during a classified briefing, said Clinton and the administration are sidestepping the measure's provisions giving Congress the ability to put a 60-day time limit on any military action.

"They are not committed to following the important part of the War Powers Act," he told TPM in a phone interview. "She said they are certainly willing to send reports [to us] and if they issue a press release, they'll send that to us too."

That's what Clinton told a fellow Democrat.

I happen to think the WPA is a bit silly -- either the power to declare war rests with Congress or it doesn't. But the Act was passed by a Democratic Congress to restrain the warmaking abilities of a Republican President, so it obviously doesn't apply today.