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WaPo Op-Ed: Laws for the Masses, Shelter the Elites

Most damning of all is -- as I also noted to the Post’s writer, who clearly knew what he wanted to write, and politely remained unflustered as I repeated how we simply ask that the law be applied as it reads -- that other records released by GMU of a critic of former UVa Professor Michael Mann made at least one, and really two, national media stories. With no accompanying outcry from the Post or its allied pressure groups supposedly crying out against our request as a matter of principle. You see, these FOIA requests and subsequent stories were part of a narrative being developed by the same folks now leaning on WaPo to weigh in on this matter, and therefore somehow different.

I note two silver linings to the editorial, however: WaPo finally plugged my second book, which specifically detailed the scandal of ClimateGate a year before it happened, when the leak simply affirmed what many of us “skeptics” already knew.

And second, WaPo reminds us that some of our establishment elites only argue the law when the law may support their aims. When it doesn’t, they advance silly – yet not so funny -- arguments about how awful it is when the wrong citizens “misuse” it. Always remember that academics, jurisdiction-fleeing Hollywood directors, and leftist journalists are different than you and I.