Walk Like an Egyptian -- updated version

This was originally written last week, but it's still sufficiently au courant to merit a Tatler post:

Walk Like an Egyptian 2011

-- lyrics by buzzsawmonkey; music by Liam Sternberg & The Bangles

(Here's the original or a karaoke version if you want to sing along.)

All the young Muslims in the street

Are shouting Mubarak must go

El-Baradei (Oh-Way-Oh)

Wants the Brotherhood to run the show

Obama's in his swivel chair

Trying to decide who he can dump

With seventy billion (Oh-Way-Oh)

Mubarak's played us for a chump

Swiss banks are all giving thanks and sing:


Walk like an Egyptian.

The Copts are hiding where they can

While the Islamists burn their church

They're Christians (Oh-Way-Oh)

So the West leaves them in the lurch

We worry more about mummies' heads

Than heads attached to living folks

Lots of pretty words (Oh-Way-Oh)

Can hide a political hoax

The folks there in Tahrir Square say:


Walk like an Egyptian.

[Musical/whistle interlude]

The newsmen get pulled from their cars

Are roughed up by the angry mob

Hear taqiyya (Oh-Way-Oh)

Recognizing it is not their job

The pundits on the TV screen

Say they support the people's choice

But here at home (Oh-Way-Oh)

They slough off the Tea Party voice

Islamic unrest blindsided

All the smart boys in the government

So they run around (Oh-Way-Oh)

As they walk along with the Egyptians

All the pundits on the screens say:


Walk like an Egyptian.

Walk like an Egyptian.