Voter Fraud Watch: Allegations of Poll Worker Misconduct in Harris County, Texas

Early voting in Texas started on Monday, October 18.  And almost immediately, allegations of fraud and misconduct at the polls followed. I'm told that the Harris County Attorney's Office is looking into several specific instances of poll worker misconduct in Texas House District 148, where Republican Fernando Herrera is challenging Democratic incumbent Jessica Farrar.

Allegations surfaced last week of SEIU union members loitering within 100' of a polling place wearing their union member shirts (there is video of several SEIU purple shirts loitering around a voting center at the link).  That occurred at Ripley House, a community center serving as a polling place. Now, there is an additional allegation that poll workers within the polling place itself have told at least one voter that he must vote Democrat at that location. If true, that's clearly against the law. This is from an email that contains several allegations that have been forwarded to the Harris County Attorney's Office. The author of the email, Deborah Flores, describes a conversation that she had with two attorneys from the Harris County Attorney:

"Can you tell me about the incidences that happened here at Ripley House?"

I told them I've been here since the polls opened everyday.  My father was already here before I got here and was talking to a gentleman in Spanish.  My dad told me he came in to vote for Herrera and they told him it was straight Democrat here, so he had no other choice to vote but straight Democrat here.  My dad told him that's not true. The attorneys wanted to know more about what the man said and I told them that they would have to talk to my father because I don't speak Spanish and he was speaking Spanish to my father.  The attorneys  said is there anyway he can come here.  We would like to talk to him and I said let me call him I think he's off today, I was going to bring him tomorrow because he's off tomorrow.  They said can we call him and I said I don't have my phone.  They told me here's my card have him call me.

Also on Monday, a poll worker allegedly stamped a man's voter card incorrectly:

Then I told the attorneys, second of all, you see where they all are standing (the people pushing cards)?, a gentleman who had come out of the polls called me over to his truck and wanted to know if I could answer a question he needs to ask me (he specifically called me over because I was the only Republican there) , he said he had his registration card and they stamped it D with a rubber stamp.  He wanted to know "why they did that, for what purpose, I'm not a Democrat?"  The attorneys told me "Really, they do that during the Primaries." I told the attorneys, well this isn't the primaries, this just happened Monday and this is what the man said, they just did it that day and that is why he called me over.