Vote Republican — and Save the Country

It is difficult for an old liberal Democrat to utter such words as those. Vote Republican and save the country, indeed. Yet that is what I am now saying, and to make it even more emphatic, I am also suggesting that for the next two elections, all good people should consider voting a straight Republican ticket as a protest against the massive political sins of the Democrats. If enough voters did that, in addition to saving the country it might also save the Democratic Party from itself.

My old party has lost its soul and integrity in recent years, especially during the Obama era. It needs a crushing electoral defeat to focus its attention on its dangerous behavior.  Despite the terrible recent record of my old party and of Mr. Obama, they are master politicians and it is quite possible that they will recover and win the next two elections, unless there is a concerted effort by voters of all stripes -- Republican, independent, and, yes, Democratic -- to make a public commitment in advance that they will vote straight Republican tickets in 2014 and in 2016.

I do not love the Republican Party, but Obama and the Democrats have given me no alternative. I do not recognize my old party. They truly scare me.  As a result, in recent years I have embraced conservative values in my political behavior.

It is important to emphasize that voters of all backgrounds must now openly declare their intention to vote a straight Republican ticket in the next two elections. It gives me no joy to vote for so many Republicans, but this is the time to follow that old American tradition: throw the rascals out!  These Democratic rascals richly deserve that fate. Their actions while in power amount to a series of disasters for this country and its people -- as well as for many people in other countries.