Videos: Anthony Weiner's disastrous media tour (Fox video added)

I'm posting these clips together for two reasons. One, they're awesome. Two, they're very instructive. Rep. Weiner's utter contempt for the truth and for the reporters who seek to get it from him is obvious in any one of these clips, but having them together makes it that much clearer. Regardless of what actually happened, this man presents himself repeatedly as an insincere weasel on a death march of evasion. He seems to think he's doing himself a favor with all these interviews, but to anyone who is not Anthony Weiner, it's obvious that he is just making things worse for himself.

When you want to see an example of what may turn out to be the worst media tour in American political history, you will have it all right here. By putting himself through this gauntlet, Weiner provided his enemies with an arsenal of quotes, quips, expressions and phrases to use against him. The word "certitude" entered the US political lexicon here. Wolf Blitzer played softball yet still obtained a "that woman" quote. Bret Baier got Weiner to tell a bald faced lie about his tweet timeline. It's all right here.

First up, Luke Russert of MSNBC. It should be noted that Russert's chief source of credibility is that his dad was Tim Russert. He is fresh out of college, a bright but not terribly worldwise reporter. Yet he owns a sitting congressman, just by asking him obvious questions, to the point that even Chris Matthews giggles about it.

In this interview with CNN's Wolf Blitzer, Weiner trots out some new story themes. One, he doesn't want the hacking investigated because he wants to save taxpayer dollars. What a saint! Two, hacking a sitting congressman's official communications channels during wartime is not that big a deal. So we learn, if we're to believe Weiner now, that he is very forgiving fiscal conservative. That doesn't line up with his media personna -- at all -- but it's good to know.

In the interview with Fox's Bret Baier, which isn't online as of this writing but I'll add it once it's available, Weiner tells an outright lie when he says he had been tweeting about hockey prior to the lewd tweet. In fact, he had been publicly silent for about 3.5 hours prior to that tweet, and tweeted about hockey after deleting the lewd tweet. If he isn't guilty of something, why did he tell a provable lie on national TV?

Fox has reported that the FBI has told them that if Weiner files a complaint, they could do all the tracing they need in "about five minutes," and because true hacking is a federal crime, could put the perp behind bars "for years." But Weiner just doesn't want to waste the taxpayers' dollars on an investigation. He would prefer, it seems, to waste the taxpayers' time by lying to them through the media.

Update: And here's the Fox interview.