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MN Democrats Abandon 'National Conversation' on Guns — Literally

The Ruger 10/22 rifle pictured below -- possibly the single most popular rimfire rifle in the United States for hunters, plinkers, and target shooters -- would be fine to own under the proposed legislation:

Factory standard Ruger 10/22.
Factory standard Ruger 10/22

But if one were to remove the wood stock and replace it with one made of black plastic, as done below, it would be banned as an "assault weapon":

ArchAngel plastic stock furniture for the 10/22, with a plastic replica of a military M7 bayonet.
Top: the same basic Ruger 10/22 from above has had its wood stock removed and then placed into Archangel plastic stock furniture for the 10/22, with a plastic replica of a military M7 bayonet. This is now an "assault weapon." Bottom: the plastic Archangel furniture, sans actual Ruger 10/22.

Taking that same common Ruger 10/22 and putting it into this Tapco stock ...

Tapco Intrafuse stock for the Ruger 10/22
Tapco Intrafuse stock for the Ruger 10/22

... also would qualify the plinking/hunting/target rifle as an "assualt weapon" according to Democratic gun-control advocates at the state and national level.

The barrel is unchanged. The trigger and action are the same. The firearm's cartridges are the same. The gun shoots no faster. It doesn't shoot with more power. The only real base enhancement offered by these aftermarket stocks is that they are adjustable, so that they can be lengthened or shortened by a few inches so that people of varying proportions can shoot comfortably.

Do Democrats simply wish to disarm unusually short or tall people? Will this save lives?

The 10/22 is just one example of hundreds that the firearms experts in Minnesota could have chosen to present to the shameless DFL legislators: the M1A .308 rifle (the most popular centerfire rifle sold in the United States), the AR-15, or various other shotguns, handguns, and rifles could have been utilized to make the exact same case.

A rational person should question the competence of these legislators and their commitment to reason, but they don't seem to be available for discussion.

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