Video: Meg Whitman Denies Ever Receiving a No-Match Letter on Her Former Nanny (Updated)

The stars have aligned and the national press corps is screaming to push the story that Meg Whitman broke the law by employing an illegal immigrant nanny, then cold-heartedly firing her to get her out of the way of her run for governor of California.

Thus, lawyered up with Gloria Allred in tow, an unknown nanny went viral tabloid style, claiming that she was"exploited, disrespected, humiliated, and emotionally and financially abused,” and "treated like garbage.’'

The story at this point hinges upon a supposed "no-match" letter sent by the Social Security Administration to the Whitman household several years ago. At a news conference today, Whitman offered up a very strong denial:

Whitman: “If there is a letter out there, I don’t know how they got it, it’s not in our house. … We never saw that letter.”

As Ed Driscoll pointed us to the "Obi-Won Kenobi" of campaign predictors, this October surprise has been an expected wild card in the California electoral playbook. Political geeks in the audience will recall that a similar Nannygate flap killed candidate Michael Huffington’s 1996 California Senate run. Yes that Huffington, in case you didn't know. Likewise, Bush appointees Linda Chavez and Bernie Kerik were both felled by the Nannygate-sword.

To cross the hypothetical bridge to nowhere in Whitman’s Nannygate we are offered inch-thick, mile-wide evidence, anecdotal, tabloid, and otherwise.


1). Show me the papers! Yesterday Meg Whitman offered that she had no idea that her maid was an illegal immigrant and that a valid Social Security card was presented from Santillan's hiring agency. Attorney Gloria Allred countered this, claiming that the Social Security Administration sent a letter to the Whitman household in 2003 red-flagging Santillan’s Social Security number. This is key to this case. Whitman says she never got it and has put that ball back in Allred's court.  Will Allred produce this letter? Or will she dangle it up high above election heads and then drop it, say, Halloween day? Boo!  If Allred produces it, the fickle finger of blame gets pointed right back at her and the nanny: How did they get it?  Did the nanny add mail theft to immigration law violations?

2). Hell hath no fury like the ego of a woman desperately seeking the spotlight. Gloria Allred has a colorful history of pulling last minute, ego-stroking stunts like this. Allred attempted to derail Arnold Schwarzenegger's 2003 recall election by drumming up sexual harassment charges and a lawsuit from a Hollywood stuntwoman named Rhonda Miller. Miller claimed that Schwarzenegger “pulled up her shirt” and “suckled her breasts” on the Terminator 2 set. She also alleged that Schwarzenegger fondled her during the filming of True Lies. Despite the salacious allegations, Rhonda Miller's suit was later dismissed. For more on this listen to Hugh Hewitt's interview with Allred yesterday.