[VIDEO] Democrat Senator Throws Obama Under the Coal Bus

Check out this video of US Marine Shaun Adkins going after Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) at a townhall meeting. Adkins takes Manchin to task for supporting Obama, and specifically for supporting Obama as the president has waged war on coal. Coal mining is a major industry in West Virginia.


ATKINS: I think we’ve finished a lot more issues than just the guns. As a citizen of Logan, West Virginia, and an American, I’m very concerned and very troubled about a lot of things that’s going on in our country today. I’m concerned about the future of our country. The future for my kids, their grandkids – or my grandkids. For the children we met a few minutes ago. They’re not going to be able to grow up in the same kind of society that you and I did. A free and secure society. Right now in Washington you guys are spending money in an alarming pace. It’s – I mean, it’s unsustainable. If it doesn’t get fixed, if somebody doesn’t do something to stop it, we will sink. That’s very troubling. We send billions of dollars a year to other countries, many of whom want to kill us, while we have kids in our own country going to bed hungry at night. That’s not acceptable. That’s totally unacceptable, okay? In the Marine Corps we had a saying: lead far and get the hell out of the way. That’s a common military saying. You know, we have one of the most anti-coal administrations in the history in the white house right now. And might I remind you, Senator, you happened to help put him in office. Back in 2008 you called him your partner. Okay? To this day I do not know any words from you that state anything different from that. (emphasis added)

MANCHIN: Well, Shaun, every word since then has been different. In 2008 I knew the guy when he was a Senator from Illinois. We had a lot of West Virginians working down there in the coal fields. Our offices, when I was governor – I could work with him. I had no problem. Soon as he became president it shut down completely

ADKINS: But you knew his intent back then. You knew back then, that he was anti-coal – that he was anti-fossil fuels.

MANCHIN: Well if he did he camouflaged – I didn’t know that. If I’d have known that I would have – how can you be from Illinois and be a proponent of the coal industry in Illinois and then all of a sudden – I don’t know what changed. I don’t know, maybe that was always his intent, but it was camouflaged well. I didn’t know it until he got there in the future.

Barack Obama camouflaged many of his beliefs, but he telegraphed his war on coal well in advance. He spoke about it in great detail to the San Francisco Chronicle in January 2008. This quote was all over talk radio and the Internet for months leading up to the election and has become shop-worn with use since.

Manchin has no excuse at all. He was either clueless regarding Obama's plainly stated intentions before the election and should not have supported a political pig in a poke, or is not being honest with Adkins about what he knew at the time.

If you take the position that he didn't know what Obama had plainly and publicly said about his intentions, then the best you can say about Manchin is that he doesn't do his due diligence. If you take the position that he is being dishonest with Adkins in the video, then the best you can say about Manchin is that he is a liar.

Sen. Manchin failed to protect the coal industry in his state. He is the Democrats' point man on gun control laws. Whichever conclusion you reach from this video, his credibility should be in question. He's either a willing dupe for Obama's gun control regime, or a willing liar for it.