Video: America, Like Greece, Not Too Big to Fail

Did you know that the Democrats are responsible for a national debt that has topped $13 trillion? If you watch the nightly news, there is a fair chance that you would believe that this mess was solely the fault of George W. Bush and that the Obama-Pelosi agenda is going to save us all. But that simply is not the case. Instead of taking action to cap America’s debt, the Democrats have raised the debt ceiling six times since taking the majority and expanded the national debt by 57%. The question that looms is: what does this mean for our future?

The answer is unsettling. If you become nauseous easily, then prepare yourself, because this information will make you sick. The fact is that every child born in this country today owes over $117,000 to the debt alone, on top of their taxes. That translates to roughly $180/month given for an average life span. This means that when these kids graduate college, that $180 will go to an inherited debt imposed upon them -- not to their car payments, groceries, social expenditures, or any other comfort/leisure fund they may have. But with government growing and the private sector handcuffed, how will these kids expect to get jobs to repay the debt in the first place?

Representative Paul Ryan (R-WI) summed it up best when he said, “This (pay-as-you-go) is a fiscal charade ... [and] if we don’t tackle this problem, it's going to tackle us.” Ryan later called on “real people from both parties to step up and solve this problem.” The College Republican National Committee has answered this call and launched our debt-awareness initiative, “Don’t Put It On Our Tab.”