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"Vampire Capital" Okay, Unless You're Romney

A local news site, Complete Colorado, has an interesting story today:

Former Denver Mayor and Obama National Campaign Co-chair Federico Peña has a résumé surprisingly similar to Mitt Romney's.

President Obama continues to hammer presumptive Republican nominee Mitt Romney on his record with Bain Capital. In a fundraiser on Wednesday in Denver, the President continued to push the "Venture Capital Vampire" theme saying, "What Gov. Romney doesn't seem to get is that a healthy economy doesn't just mean a few folks maximizing their profits through massive layoffs or busting unions." ....

Peña has been a partner at venture capital firm Vestar Capital since 2000. And while President Obama has been giving private equity a bad name, both Peña and Vestar managing director James Kelley have made recent contributions to Obama's re-election efforts.

Visitors to Denver may recall driving down Peña Boulevard, named for Peña, who pushed through the new Denver Airport construction project during his time as Denver's Mayor.  DIA was budgeted for $1.7 billion but eventually cost $4.8 billion, was conspicuously over schedule, and eventually opened with an automated baggage handling system that didn't work at the time, and never worked, finally being abandoned.