Valerie Jarrett on Kim Davis: ‘Obviously, We Believe Strongly in Religious Freedom’

Based on what she has heard privately, Jarrett said Vice President Joe Biden has not made up his mind yet about running for president.

“He doesn’t know what we wants to do. He had a devastating loss. I can’t even image as a parent what he’s going through,” she said. “I think it’s reasonable for him to say, ‘Look, I need a moment to decide whether I can do this, whether my family can do this, whether I have the fight in me at this moment in time to enter the race’ and I think we should all give him the time to figure it out on his own.”

Jarrett said Biden and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton running against each other would be good for the Democratic Party.

“Let’s see who ends up in the race and of course whoever wins the nomination, that’s who the president will support in the next election,” she said. “An embarrassment of riches in the Democratic Party is always a good thing, having great candidates is always a healthy thing.”