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Use the Summer Break to Give Your Kids a Real Civics Education

Teach them! Read the Constitution to them in the backyard over a BBQ. Teach them financial responsibility by showing them how to balance a checkbook -- and then show them the U.S. Debt Clock. Tell them how our country could be taken over by our debtors without a shot being fired because we can’t pay our bills. Tell them to mow the lawn for $20, and then withhold $10 from the pay and give the withheld ten dollars to a sister or brother who did nothing.  Tell them you are simply “spreading the wealth around.”

Quiz them on their civic knowledge:

1)     Are we a republic or a democracy?

2)     Who said, “Give me liberty or give me death”?

3)     Who said, “But where, say some, is the king of America? I’ll tell you He reigns from above”?

4)     Who was president of the Constitutional Congress?

5)     Who is the father of the Constitution?

6)     What was the Connecticut Compromise?

7)     Who gives us our rights? The government or God? Why is this important?

8)     Why are Articles I, II and III so important?

9)     How did Amendment 16 grow our government?

10)   What are the two ways to amend the Constitution? Why did our founding fathers put the amendment process in the Constitution?

11)   How many years are U.S. representatives in office? President? U.S. senators? Why?

12)   What does "usurpation" mean? How would one branch usurping the other affect our Bill of Rights?

13)   Who wrote the Preamble? Is it law?

14)   Why is it important to vote during midterm elections?

15)   Why is voting important?

16)   Why is “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction” true?