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Us vs. Them: The Idle Rich vs. the Working Rich

Like when the federal deficit is mentioned, so many people suggest we pay for it by raising taxes on the working rich. How perverse is that? Look at how we got the huge deficit in the first place -- entitlements like Social Security and Medicare. Were these instituted for the benefit of the working rich? Of course not, so why should the people who already benefited this country by producing jobs and our awesome consumer goods have to pay for it? In what bizarro, bearded-Spock universe is that fair?

And all these idiotic ideas are endorsed by the worst kind of rich people of all -- the kind that spends other people's money -- politicians. These are rich people who are not only useless but tend to get in the way of anyone trying to create anything in this country. They want to spend all the wealth themselves, and they achieve that by playing off the greed of the idle rich, telling them they all deserve more and just need to let the politicians take it from others. If any rich people need to be punished to get our country on the right track, it's the politicians. Go ahead and confiscate everything they have and throw them out on the streets, and I'm sure we'll all be better off.

The next step would be to change the attitudes of all the idle wealthy in this country. Everyone born in this country owes a huge debt to those who went before and built it up for us, and if you're not going to try and be one who adds to the wealth of this country, at least be grateful for what you have and don't think you're owed any more or have a right to the wealth of anyone else.

If you want my one part economic plan, it's this: A new amendment to the Constitution that makes whining no longer a protected form of speech. And the punishment for whining will be that you lose your inheritance, i.e., you'll be deported. So these will now be your three choices: Be another creator who adds to this nation, coast by and just be grateful for the privileges you were born with, or learn the hard way not to take the wealth of this country for granted.