US Cancer Survival Rate Among the Highest in the World

It appears that the best place to be for cancer care is the US -- you know, the country with the a href=""42nd lowest life expectancy./a All the media does is tout universal healthcare like that in the UK as something for the US to aspire to--but given the lower rates of cancer survival there, maybe that is not such wise advice. Take a look at a href=""this study/a on the poor cancer survival rates in the UK and the high ones in the US (Hat tip: a href=""Tim Worstall/a via a href=""Maggie's Farm/a):br /br /blockquoteCancer survival rates in Britain are among the lowest in Europe, according to the most comprehensive analysis of the issue yet /br /England is on a par with Poland despite the NHS spending three times more on health /br /Survival rates are based on the number of patients who are alive five years after diagnosis and researchers found that, for women, England was the fifth worst in a league of 22 countries. Scotland came bottom. Cancer experts blamed late diagnosis and long waiting lists./blockquotebr /br /The US is tops in cancer survival; I would think this analysis would be big news but I have yet to see a positive headline in a US newspaper. Am I missing something?