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US Ambassador to the UN Samantha Power Blames Daniel Pearl's Murder on 'Cycle of Violence'

This may be the most awful tweet by a major political figure in the history of Twitter. Samantha Power is the US ambassador to the United Nations. Sunday, she tweeted this:

Um, what?

Daniel Pearl was a Wall Street Journal reporter, kidnapped and beheaded because he was Jewish, and also because he was American. He was on his way to interview a radical Pakistani Islamic cleric when he was taken against his will on January 23, 2002. His captors sawed his head off on camera, chanting "Allahu Ackbar!" while they killed him. His dismembered body was later found buried on property that belonged to an Islamic charity.

In what universe does Pearl's murder have anything to do with what Power says? In what universe was it part of any "cycle of violence"? Pearl was a reporter. In what universe did his kidnapping and killing have anything at all to do with "individual accountability"? What does that even mean in this context?

h/t Twitchy