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Update: Sens. Barasso and Vitter Raise the Stakes on Obama's UN FOIA Foil

On the heels of CEI's FOIA seeking the goods on an unlawful end-run around FOIA and the Presidential Records Act we uncovered -- 'Obama's Abramoff Scandal', oddly the subject of no outrage from the usual suspects -- Sens. David Vitter and John Barrasso have introduced an amendment today taking the scam head-on.

Offered as a restriction to the Commerce, Justice and State Departments spending bill for FY2012, amendment #862 makes plain that records hidden on this UN dead-drop zone are indeed still subject to FOIA, puts an end to any further NOAA participation in such practices -- NOAA is the former lead US office on IPCC matters -- and compels production of unlawfully stonewalled FOIA requests by me, Steve McIntyre and two others on the false grounds that the records produced and sent by US government employees and sitting on taxpayer-funded computers weren't really agency records, but belonged to the UN.

Grab some popcorn to see the catcalls against the tyranny of transparency, and lawmakers daring to stand in the way of UN-White House schemes to subvert domestic law.