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Until U.S. Understands Police Limitations, Some Will Put Faith in Gun Control

Because seconds matter in school attacks, only the arming of school staff by means of concealed handguns can possibly deter attacks and save lives.

Millions of Americans, including teachers, already have concealed carry permits issued by the states and form a ready pool of the qualified.

The deterrent effect of concealed carry in schools can be considerable. Any potential attacker, knowing that a given school district allows concealed carry but takes pains to keep the identities and numbers of teachers on a given campus carrying handguns secret, is conferring the benefit of deterrence on every school in that district.

Police officers know criminals fear armed citizens far more than they fear the police.

Only armed and capable school staff, ready to respond to an armed attack when and where it occurs, can possibly save lives – perhaps, even stop an attack before it begins. Even an armed teacher in another hallway when the first shot rings out will be able to stop an attacker far sooner than any police officer still minutes from even receiving a radio call.

"We've got to do something!" Indeed we do. And now you know what the police know, and the source of their frustration. It's time to do the only thing that works against deadly school attacks. All else is wishful thinking.