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Union chaos: Is New York next?

Maybe. Mayor Bloomberg is trying to do something that the teachers union Will. Not. Like.

Mayor Bloomberg vowed yesterday to keep up the pressure on state lawmakers to abolish the "last in, first out" rules for laying off city teachers as he unveiled a $65.6 billion spending plan that calls for the largest reduction in the teaching force since the 1970s.

"In terms of doing with fewer teachers, that's the budget reality, and that's one of the reasons why you need [to change] LIFO. The fact of the matter is not everybody is a great teacher. What we've got to constantly do is improve the pool and making sure better people are working," Bloomberg said.

Lose the dead wood, keep the good. Makes sense, but it's precisely that kind of common sense logic that the unions oppose. Disrupt the Narrative notes that there's really no reason to expect any uncivil behavior in New York City.