Union Boss on Walker: ‘We’re Going to Kick His Ass’

Following the award ceremony, Rep. Donna Edwards (D-Md.) addressed the issue of Ebola during an interview with PJ Media.

Edwards, a member of the House Transportation and Infrastructure committee, was asked if Congress should reduce the number of tourist visas issued by the U.S. to citizens of West African nations.

“I actually do believe the United States has the best public health infrastructure in the world. At this stage, frankly, I’m more concerned about the seniors in my district not getting their flu shots because more people will probably due of the flu,” Edwards responded.

“It doesn’t mean that we needn't be concerned about Ebola. I think, first of all, making sure that we’ve dedicated the resources that we have to the African nations that are the most affected so that we can begin to contain and stop the spread of the disease,” she added.

To stop the spread of the disease domestically, Edwards said the U.S. must make sure the nation’s entire public health infrastructure is alerted to the symptoms of Ebola and attempt to identify the people that might be symptomatic when they arrive in the U.S.

She also said there would be plenty of time for Congress to address the Ebola outbreak when lawmakers return to Washington after the midterm elections.