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Underestimating the New Nazis in Greece: The Golden Dawn Party

Fiore identified what he believes is the obstacle to a restored European economy when speaking of Golden Dawn's victory:

Greece could escape the clutches of international finance in a few days.

Who, exactly is, for the European National Front, "international finance"?

In 2011, Fiore told a gathering of supporters in Budapest:

The men who brought about the world financial crisis of 2008 were the very same who put Christ on the Cross.

Distributism was promoted in the European National Front by its Irish co-founder Derek Holland. Holland joined forces with Fiore when the Italian fled to England as a person of interest in the 1980 Bologna train bombing. Together, they started the International Third Position, a group that used Catholic devotional practices to legitimize and market their radical economic and political philosophy.  Holland outlined his program for a new kind of religious-political activist in his book The Political Soldier, which drew inspiration from the fascist Julius Evola.

When Fiore returned to Italy, he launched Forza Nuova and recruited the other members of the National Front including Greek Golden Dawn. Holland turned to America where his friend, Bishop Richard Williamson, ran the seminary of the Society of St. Pius X. Like Fiore, Holland frequented the chapels run by the organization now known for Williamson’s infamous Holocaust denial and 9-11 truther sermons.

Holland and a young American, also a devotee of Williamson, established IHS Press to spread distributism in the United States.  They benefited from the sympathies of the Society leadership in the U.S and their literature flowed into SSPX bookstores.

Holland’s American business partner spread not only the anti-capitalist economic theory espoused by the ENF, but its antisemitism as well. On September 12, 2001, with the nation transfixed in horror at the sight of the Islamic terrorist attacks, Holland’s protégé wrote the following for his website The Legion of St. Louis:

Readers will notice that we didn't begin today’s special issue on yesterday's remarkable events with "America is attacked." America wasn't attacked. America isn't the World Trade Center, nor is it the Pentagon.  At least those things don't represent our America, nor should they for our readers. … If we lived in a sane world, and bound ourselves by our own rules of logic, we would consider very seriously the question of whether those who caused these accidents are "sane" or "insane," whether these hypothetical "crazy Muslims" are really "crazy Muslims" and not "justifiably angry Arabs. The intended victims were the financial and military power of a nation that, should introspection ever become the order of the day, cannot claim ignorance nor innocence of having earned the hatred and resentment of the non-Western European world.  Turn off the TV and go outside. Unless you live in Manhattan, the sky is clear, the birds are chirping, there is a nice breeze, and God is still Good and life is still sane.