UNC Rape Case Reveals Race Double Standard

Robinson is a white girl, and Artis is a black man. Justice -- and not its opposite, “social justice” -- is blind in relation to race. But in recent years, our society has been skewed when it comes to white on black crime, often convicting the alleged offenders -- at least in the court of public opinion -- with little evidence.

The Duke lacrosse case is a glaring example. The white players suffered significant personal losses merely by the accusation of raping a black girl. The case became sensationalized because of race, and the players were treated as guilty despite their innocence.

Such a rush to judgment should never happen, but I have to wonder how different this case would have been if Robinson had been a black girl accusing a white football player.

My guess is we would have heard about this case much sooner, and even now, after Robinson went public, there would be a lot more discussion about race in the media.

There is hypocrisy in our society when it comes to the relation between rape and race -- something to remember the next time someone is judged harshly not because of the facts, but merely because of the color of his skin.