UK Headline: 'Barack Obama Is Rapidly Losing His Halo'

Shattering the illusion.

Is the worm turning against Barack Obama? After four-plus years of being given the benefit of the doubt by the bulk of the US media, the President now suddenly feels more vulnerable.

Today both the New York Times and the Washington Post have run prominent and angry editorials and columns slamming the administration for its attempt to criminalise a Fox News reporter James Rosen for working a State Department source to obtain a story.

The “Rosen Affair” – as it is now known – is poisoning the well in Washington at an alarming rate for Mr Obama, with an indignant White House press corps now battering the official spokesman Jay Carney at his daily briefings to the point where Politico is running speculative stories wondering whether it’s time for him to go.

While it is critical for the MSM to remain more loyal to themselves than to the president at this point there is no reason to believe that they will actually do so for any length of time. The relationship between the lapdogs and The Idiot King has been a very one-sided, abusive one at best. On the rare occasions that the press has found themselves questioning their idol they have usually returned to covering for the very thing they were curious about in a matter of days.

This is a big moment in history for the First Amendment and, unfortunately, those who benefit most from it have also been neglecting it at their peril for far too long.