UCSD Students Seek Official Condemnation of Pro-Holocaust Statement

As everyone might have expected, and is sadly typical of the anti-Israel party, Albahri attempted to contort the situation in order to victimize herself. She seeks to turn the matter of supporting genocide into a complicated and multifaceted topic, when in reality it is one of the rare aspects of life that is black and white; you are either for or against it. There is no middle ground.

The claim that Horowitz emotionally abused Albahri is being trumpeted by the so-called “pro-Palestinians,” who have so far only defended and excused Albahri instead of condemning her flagrant support for genocide. And if that’s not enough, Albahri goes on to admit her own ignorance about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict as well as expose her own hypocrisy about her support for Hamas:

In addition, Mr. Horowitz asked me to condemn Hamas as a genocidal organization; which to my limited knowledge on the subject, is another unsupported claim made by Mr. Horowitz.

My opinion of Hamas is not as simple as condemn or condone, “for it” or “against it.” I firmly believe that the killing of civilians … is one of the highest crimes in the eyes of God and is morally reprehensible and abhorrent. But I condone Hamas in its ambition to liberate the Palestinian people.

Albahri admits to her own “limited knowledge” while at the same time refuting the claim that Hamas is a genocidal organization. Any simpleton who has ever taken the time to read the Hamas charter or simply research the organization will find numerous statements within the charter blatantly propagating the extermination of Jews everywhere. Clearly, Albahri has yet to perform sufficient research on the conflict to be considered anything in the way of an informed participant. This begs a couple questions: Why did she think herself capable of standing up to David Horowitz, someone with much more experience and knowledge on the subject? Was it Albahri’s way of playing into the rebel stereotype, of standing up to authority despite her lack of credibility of which she is clearly unaware?

As for Albahri’s support of Hamas, she explicitly condemns the murder of innocent civilians and even alludes (barely) to the idea that Hamas is guilty of this. In her own words, killing civilians “is one of the highest crimes of God.” Wouldn’t it then follow that an organization that engages in criminal activity is, by logical extension, a criminal organization? One cannot say the mafia is not a criminal organization when it is plainly guilty of murder and theft. Likewise, Albahri, by her own logic, cannot say that Hamas is not a criminal organization when they engage in what she describes as “one of the highest crimes of God.” But I suppose such logical fallacies matter very little to her.

Albahri, for all her apparent passion for the Palestinian cause, is blind to her own hypocrisy and ignorance. This is true of most bandwagon Muslim radicals and anti-Israelis. While I doubt the sincerity of Albahri’s “apology," the sincerity of her pro-genocide comment does not matter. Propagation of genocide has absolutely no place in our society, much less in our schools.

This is not acceptable, and it will be stopped. Please sign the petition to UCSD Chancellor Fox today.