Uber Driver Pulls Gun, Shoots Gunman Firing on Crowd of People


An Uber driver pulled out his shotgun and fired on a gunman who was "firing a pistol into a group of people on a Logan Square sidewalk, according to prosecutors."

The driver used his shotgun to fire six blasts and injured 22-year-old Everado Custodio.

Apparently the blasts injured only the alleged shooter.

NBC Chicago reports: "Custodio suffered wounds to his shin, knee and lower back and was still in Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center on Sunday, when Cook County Judge Peggy Chiampas refused to grant bail on charges of aggravated battery with a firearm and illegal possession of a firearm."

Assistant State's Attorney Barry Quinn said the Uber driver "was acting in self-defense and in the defense of others."

The altercation took place last Friday night, after the Uber driver had just dropped off a passenger near Logan Square. Custodio allegedly was shooting in the direction of the driver, aiming for a group of people.

Jen Mullin, a spokeswoman for Uber, said that the company requires its drivers to abide by all local and state firearm laws.  NBC Chicago reports the driver had a concealed-carry permit.

"Police patrolling the area heard the shots and arrived to find Custodio on the ground and bleeding. Police also recovered a handgun found near Custodio, Quinn said."

Here we see the beauty of carrying a concealed weapon.  Beware, criminals: you have no idea who around you might have a firearm to stop your evildoing.

No charges will be filed against the Uber driver.