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U.S. Should Not Take Syrian Refugees, Lebanese American Says

Muslims started coming to Lebanon so their children could study at the country’s universities. They also stayed to work in their economy. “We built refugee camps for them in Lebanon, we took them in because we wanted to take care of them, but these people turned against us, and they destroyed our country,” Gabriel recalled, bitterly. She said the tipping point was when Muslims became the majority population.

“Lebanon went from being 'the Eden of the Middle East' to being the terrorist pit of the Middle East,” she declared. The country is run by a terrorist organization, and has no rule of law. Currently, there is not even a president in Lebanon, as none has been elected. “They are drowning in their own garbage, the government is falling apart.”

“This is what happens when you import people into your country that do not share your values -- that do not share your idea of freedom or democracy, your idea of tolerance,” Gabriel explained.

A Global Problem

Gabriel pointed to other countries across the world facing turmoil from Middle East immigrants. “Europe is no longer Europe -- Europe has become Eurabia,” she declared. The riots and car bombings in France, she noted, were not caused by Jewish migrants or Lebanese Christians, but Muslims. “They’re not youth riots -- they’re Muslim riots.”

In Australia, too, she argued that Muslim immigrants are causing “mayhem.” “It’s not Vietnamese refugees who are creating it, it’s not Chinese refugees or Christian immigrants or Jewish immigrants -- it’s only Muslims.”

The United States accepted Somali refugees in the 1990s, and they settled in Minneapolis-St. Paul and in Tennessee. “Have they assimilated?” Gabriel asked. “They gave us 42 jihadists, who are now fighting with the Al-Shabaab terrorist organization in the Middle East, and the first American suicide bomber who is an American Somali refugee.”

Gabriel argued that America has seen a preview of future struggles and needs to prepare for them. “We’d better wake up and smell the hummus coming from the Middle East.”

Where Do We Go From Here?

If Americans want to do something about this threat, Gabriel suggests they organize by visiting www.actforamerica.org. “ACT for America passed 42 bills in over 20 states in the last 5 years, all relating to national security,” she explained. The organization will train volunteers and help them start or join chapters in their area.

“We are working on bills to stop the influx of refugees from the Middle East, and we have refugee settlement working groups,” she explained. Activists can support legislation to make sure the FBI can vet refugees, or help settle the ones who have already checked out.

It is also important for Americans to understand their own history and the history of the Middle East, Gabriel argued. “ISIS is not a new invention. ISIS resurrected a caliphate which died less than 100 years ago,” she declared in her speech at the Values Voter Summit.

“September 11 is not just a random date. It is the day of the victory against Islam at the gates of Vienna in 1683,” Gabriel explained. When she asked the crowd how many of them knew that, almost no one raised their hands.

Gabriel also argued that it wasn’t the Nazis who invented the practice of marking Jews for special negative treatment with a yellow Star of David, but 9th century Muslims in Islamic Iraq.

She also corrected some misinformation about that much-maligned event, the Crusades. “The Crusades were launched because of mistreatment of Christians, and to retake Jerusalem, not to kill Muslims,” Gabriel declared.

“People think ‘oh these meanie terrible crusaders,’” she told PJ Media. But “the Crusades were launched 400 years after Islam began -- a response to the fall of Jerusalem where Muslims were massacring Christians, forbidding them from ringing the church bells or from praying publicly.”

“Most people in the West do not know their own history. We are failing our students,” Gabriel lamented. In addition to organizing and opposing the reckless acceptance of thousands more refugees, Americans need to study the past and learn what happens when Muslims take over. There is no guarantee “it can’t happen here.”