Two More Terrorists Traced Back to 'Jihad U.'

Considering AlMaghrib’s abject failure in deradicalizing their own students, it is all the more amazing that the National Counterterrorism Center has enlisted AlMaghrib dean Yasir Qadhi as an expert in deradicalization -- notwithstanding his complaints at a meeting attended by a top Department of Homeland Security official that he was on the terror watch list.

One has to wonder if deradicalization is actually a goal of the AlMaghrib Institute, considering the river of hate that streams from its instructors and staff. I’ve previously reported here at Pajamas Media on Yasir Qadhi’s “Hoax of the Holocaust” rhetoric and his promotion of the cause of his teacher, terror ringleader Ali al-Timimi.

Qadhi is joined by other AlMaghrib faculty members, including: Saeed Rageah, who has publicly called for Allah to “destroy” the enemies of Islam and to “damn” the “infidels”;  AlMaghrib head of Islamic history Sheikh Abdullah Hakim Quick, who says that gays should be killed and pronounces Jews and other non-Muslims as “filth”; AlMaghrib Vice President Waleed Basyouni, who has spied Jewish plots and claimed that only Muslims can really know God (and who is described by Dateline NBC as “an outspoken critic of extremism"); and AlMaghrib founder and President Muhammad Alshareef, who has expounded on such interfaith themes as “Why the Jews Were Cursed.”

So as “Jihad U.” mourns the death of their alumnus Samir Khan and the conviction of regular AlMaghrib participant and would-be underwear bomber Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, Homeland Security officials and the establishment media continue to be mystified why students of the AlMaghrib Institute continue to graduate into terror.