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Twisted Knickers Alert II: David Ignatius Says GOP Is A Drunk Driver On Sequestration

He's a serious journalist.

Some of us can recall the helpless feeling of being in a vehicle driven by someone who is intoxicated. If you're like me, you don't want to cause a scene unless the driving is really erratic. But there comes a moment when you need to say: Stop the car. You're going to hurt someone. Hand over the keys.

We have a political system that is the equivalent of a drunk driver. The primary culprits are the House Republicans. They are so intoxicated with their own ideology that they are ready to drive the nation's car off the road. I don't know if the sequestration that's set to begin Friday will produce a little crisis or a big one; the sad fact is that the Republicans don't know either, yet they're still willing to put the country at risk to make a political point.

Actually, it's an economical point, but calling everything politicians do "political" is the go-to nonthinking attack for Obama's pathetic lapdogs.

Ignatius pretends he's upset with The Lightbringer's handling of things, but only because he hasn't been firm enough with "reckless" GOP "hotheads".

The hyperbole has been ratcheted up because they're terrified of the public finding out that the sky will still be overhead on March 2nd. This is more about them having to spin even more. And that's work. Which these idiots are none too fond of.