Turning Purple: Could New Voters in Georgia Hand Senate Seat to Democrats?

The Monkey Cage at the Washington Post put out a very different idea: Georgia has been voting Republican for a long time, and is likely to continue to do so. In fact, Georgia has been decidedly red in statewide and presidential elections for more than a decade.

“Midterms don’t draw a representative sample of the population like presidential elections tend to,” Glas continued. “People who are upset with the sitting president disproportionately show up to vote in midterms…and Georgia is already safe territory for the GOP and will continue to be for the foreseeable future.”

“Optimists in the Democratic Party are thinking 2016 will be the year Georgia’s demographic shift will reach critical mass, but I think they underestimate how motivated the state Republican Party really is to maintain their hold on state politics.”

So why should Democrats even show up to the polls?

A purple Peach State still in the distance

“Ultimately, the only thing that counts in America are those votes,” Michelle Obama told Georgians.

While Georgia on the whole has been voting Republican for quite some time, this is not to say the tide will never change. Demographic shifts in Georgia are raising the percentage of minorities, who traditionally vote Democrat, and a Democratic push for voter registration is signing up more of those minorities to vote.

As generational shifts occur, younger voters replace the old with more contemporary ideas about social norms and the role of the government. And so far, it seems that millennials are more likely to vote Democrat. However, youth are less likely to vote in general, and as people age they often turn toward conservatism.

So it remains the job of liberal Georgia activists to rally Democratic voters in the hopes that the red—or even pink—state might turn purple during midterms this year.

At the voter registration rally, Obama concluded that “if we all keep stepping up and bringing others along with us, then I know that we can keep making that change we believe in.”

“I know that we can send Michelle Nunn to the United States Senate,” she told the audience, “I know we can elect Jason Carter as governor of Georgia. And together we can keep building a future worthy of all of our children.”