Turkish Deputy PM: Independence Means Being Allowed to Persecute Infidels

Targeting non-Muslims or “oppressors” as “kafirs” is no ordinary incident in a country like Turkey, which already has a long history and tradition of attacking and murdering its non-Muslim citizens. A small verbal incitement could be enough for Turkey’s Muslim citizens to target non-Muslims through threats, or even with deadly attacks and pogroms -- such as the attacks on Greeks in Istanbul on September 6 and 7  in 1955.

Anatolia, the region in which most of Turkey is located, used to have a Christian majority with sizable Jewish and Yazidi communities prior to the Turkish-Islamic invasion in the 11th century. Today, only 0.2 % of Turkey’s population is non-Muslim: Christians and Jews. And the estimated population of Yazidi is only around 350, excluding the recent asylum seekers from Iraq and Syria.

With so few non-Muslims left in the country, the Turkish government also targets “kafirs” outside of Turkey -- the Western world, or “imperialists.” The Islamic hatred of “others” is insatiable; the real “despots," as Kurtulmus describes, are not the “kafirs” but the Islamic supremacists who never tire of trying to exterminate even the tiny, defenseless minorities under their rule.