Turkish Democracy Crumbles as World Cheers 'Democratization'

Even the soccer industry is now being subordinated to the central government, in large part because it is extraordinarily valuable. If franchises can be given to government supporters as rewards, kick back money to the ruling party, and covertly encourage fans to support the regime’s program that would be worth a tremendous amount in political and financial power.

The fans followed up their protest by storming the field to halt a friendly match against Ukraine’s Shakhtar Donetsk eleven days after the July 10 confrontation, chanting for the government to resign, “Hükümet istifa!”

And what better symbol of Turkey’s devolution toward dictatorship than the fact that none of the media reported the demonstrators’ demand for the government to step down but mostly said it was just a protest against the match-fixing allegations.

A few days later, Turkey was again rocked, this time by the resignation of the top military commanders in protest over government policy. Contrary to the spin of pro-government and international media, including the idea that the resignations’ cause was mysterious, Chief of the General Staff Işık Koşaner made their motive perfectly clear:

Investigations and long detention times are kept on the agenda to create an image that the Turkish Armed Forces is a crime organization. Government has not made enough effort to stop it. I will not be able to continue as Chief of the General Staff as I have been impeded by this situation from protecting the rights of my staff.

It is a unique case of a military high command resigning to protest repression by a civilian government!

Needless to say, for the European Parliament’s Turkey rapporteur Ria Oomen-Ruijten, these developments only proved that “Turkey is becoming more democratic.” Unfortunately, the exact opposite is what’s happening.