Trump on NSA: ‘We Have No Control Over Our Country’

Addressing the controversy over the National Security Agency's surveillance programs, entrepreneur and television personality Donald Trump told PJ Media “we have no control over our country.”

“It’s a very bad situation. It’s got to be taken care of,” Trump said during an interview after his speech at the Faith and Freedom Coalition conference in Washington.

“We have no control over our country. We don’t have the right leadership.”

The NSA’s classified security programs reportedly monitor telephone calls and online activity.

In his remarks at the “Road to the Majority Conference,” Trump predicted that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton would be the Democrats’ nominee for president in 2016.

“I know the Democrats very well – they’re looking to have a president in office for many, many years. They probably will be having Hillary run, it looks to me, I mean, all things, you have years to go before that really takes place but assuming good health and assuming lots of other things, I think that she will be the candidate,” he said.